Dr. Finian Buckley


Dr. Finian Buckley (BA, H. Dip in Ed., Ph.D) Dr. Buckley is a practitioner and expert in Organisational Psychology and its application to management problems.

Finian has extensive experience in the field and is a pioneer in this research arena. Based on a career in academia, Finian has published many research articles and regularly contributes to conferences. In industry, his consultancy skills are in constant demand where he has worked on projects notably with McDonald’s Restaurants, FAI, the ESB and recently the well publicized study on “The Psychological Effects of Commuting in Dublin”. He has worked on many survey projects, is also qualified in the use of statistical techniques and is a member quite a number of professional bodies including Irish, European and American Academies of Management.

Finian loves sport and is a fantastic chef – make sure you quickly accept any dinner invitations that come your way.